The London skyline could have been very different

In the last few decades the number of high rise buildings being constructed in London has risen dramatically. The idea of building up rather than outwards is much older than this though. In fact the London skyline would be much different if proposed buildings had been given permission rather than declined.

One property that would have dramatically changed the skyline in the capital was the Pinnacle. The office building was to become one of the most interesting investment properties City of London businesses could have looked at. It would have stood 289 metres tall, containing 63 floors. The project encountered difficulty though and 22 Bishopsgate will take its place. This structure is 11 metres shorter and has a slightly varied design.

St. Pauls Cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings found on the London skyline. It could have had a slightly different design though if the 1675 draft by Christopher Wren was accepted. This included a smaller dome and a taller spire than the one we know.

Watkin’s Tower is a notable project that would have really stood out. The design was similar to the Eiffel Tower, based on an iron latticework, but taller. The structure would have been 358 metres tall if it was finished. Sadly construction was never completed after re-designs resulted in instability and subsidence. The base was ultimately demolished. Wembley Stadium now sits on the site, meaning the loss to the skyline was not permanent.

Some proposed buildings failed to materialise at all. Citygate Ecotower would have become the tallest building in the UK if it had been completed. Plans for a 485 metre tall structure containing 108 floors were released in 2002. It would have been located in the City of London but ultimately the plan was turned down in 2007.

If the above projects and countless others had been accepted the London skyline would look very different. It shows the big impact that planners of different periods have had and the role they have played in preserving the city.

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