Permitted development rights could be a catalyst for rejuvenation

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Property management HounslowIt is possible for you to carry out some kinds of work on your property without having to apply for planning permission. This is thanks to your permitted development rights (PDR). They stem from a widespread planning permission that the government doesn’t grant. Instead, Parliament is responsible. These rights offer an array of advantages. In many cases, they can operate as the catalyst to rejuvenate city and town centres.

One in ten

According to research by Gerald Eve, PDR has helped to deliver one in ten new homes in the country. In places like Hounslow, businesses have provided more than 50% of new residences by using PDR. The projects can be diverse, including converting old offices into homes and redesigning commercial spaces to create housing.

It is good to have more people living in city and town centres. This could boost retail footfall and help local economies to thrive. As a result it is even better that businesses are creating new homes in these locations.

Uncontrolled PDR

While there are lots of benefits, some people worry about potential abuses of PDR. However, there are safeguards in place to prevent this. For example, there is an Article 4 exemption. It stops someone from gaining permission if they lack a formal application. People have used this when councils worry about losing office space. As a result, this tool has become a vital curb on work. Buildings with listings have protection from PDR too.

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