Hillingdon has a low crime rate and great prices

When they want to dive into the property market, lots of investors come to us. We are the top team for finding the opportunities for property investment Hillingdon has to offer. In addition to knowing the area well, we can arrange a comprehensive service. This can include guaranteed rent, lettings, leasing, and management.

Purchasing a home in London is something countless people want to achieve. Renters specifically dream of getting a spot on the property ladder. Investors also want to be in a position to buy a home that will give them a healthy return. No matter what their goals are, any buyer must decide where to buy. Finefair can help any investor, including current and new landlords.

How to choose an area?

Property investment HillingdonSeveral things are vital here, including what kind of house you want. This can have an impact on everything from your insurance to the kind of tenant you can attract.

Another thing to think about is local employers. Buying a home in an area close to large businesses can make the property more appealing to renters.

Two other important things to think about are whether the area is safe and how affordable it is. Most tenants will want to live somewhere with a low crime rate and also love monthly rents that don’t eat up all of their wages.

A modern report states that Hillingdon is the perfect location to make a purchase in London. Better still, it is seventh best in the whole country. This is thanks to a combination of a low crime rate and low house prices.

The statistics

The report found that Hillingdon had a mere three crimes per 100 residents. To put this in perspective, it is the lowest rate of any of England’s local authorities.

As for house prices, Hillingdon had an average of £441,563. Several areas in London had similar or identical crime levels. Yet, the house prices can’t match the ones here. As a result it is an area that every investor should consider.

At Finefair, we can help you find a property that suits your needs. We’ll look at all the hotspots with you and then pinpoint the ones that stand out. If you’re looking to let the property you plan on buying, we can assist with looking after the tenants’ requirements too.

We are very proud to be one of the most consistent teams when it comes to property investment Hillingdon has. We ensure each service is bespoke and always prioritise our client’s needs. Contact us today if you would like to find out more.