Is a housing development on the way for Romford Town Centre?

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Romford Development

Romford’s Town Centre could see a housing development for 74 new homes as well as new shops. A planning application was recently submitted to Havering Council. The proposal is to demolish a North Street building and replace it with the development. This new building would have two parts of 6 and 9 storeys. It would include floor space for commercial use underneath the homes.

Property Investors Guild Romford proposes the complete redevelopment of the site north of Market Place. This area of the town centre is currently facing issues commercially. Because of this, many people welcome the idea of this work. The guild wants to increase how many visitors come to this part of town. New homes and businesses could do just that.

Visually Appealing

There are some people who like the idea of the proposed two different building heights. When this development and the one opposite are complete, it will help improve this section of North Street, making it more attractive visually.

The plan is to make a decision regarding the planning application by 28th June. If approval is given work could begin later in the year or early in 2019. The new homes could have some good investment potential so they are worth keeping an eye on.

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