Passive homes arrive in Camden

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The UK’s first passive house made its presence known in Camden with its accompanying triple glazing solar panels, green roofs and cleaner air on the inside compared to outside. Known as passivhaus in Germany, this type of home is designed and built to exceptional standards of air tightness and is super insulated. The presence of heat-exchange systems, triple glazing and solar panels mean that it requires almost no heating and the inside air is incredibly clean.

Compared to a brick house, the construction for this type of property was very different, with a huge amount of prefabricated timber walls being delivered to build it and the house taking form shortly after. In addition to the large solar panel that made its home on the roof, the two green roofs of the house are covered with wild flowers and sedum. This makes for a fantastic rear view.

The powerful heat-exchange system was originally supposed to tuck under the stairs, but the owners wanted that spot to be storage space. As a result, the system was placed into the bike store and connects to the house via well-lagged ducts. A rainwater tank was positioned under the house with the intention of collecting reusable water.

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