Living near a park can add a big premium to the price of a property

Investors interested in the property market regularly look for features that can add a premium to values. There are several things that can do just that including close proximity to transport links, nearby attractions, and the character and appeal of the building itself. It is wise to know what sort of things to look for and determine the impact they can have on prices.

Online estate agent HouseSimple recently conducted research into a very specific feature that can add a premium to the price of a property. They investigated how much value proximity to a park provided. They looked at the fifty biggest towns and cities across the UK to see how much being close to one could offer. The results were very impressive, showing that being close to parks added an average premium of 19% to prices.

In a number of areas living close to a park provided huge premiums. In Southend-on-Sea properties close to Priory Park enjoyed a massive 165% premium. In London homes surrounding Hyde Park could enjoy up to 85% increases in values as a result of their location.

In urban areas all across the UK people are willing to pay premiums to live near parks. The trend comes because people want to have greenery and open spaces near where they live. In many highly developed areas there are big limits on these and many properties don’t have gardens. A view of public parks and easy access to them is highly desirable for these people.

At Finefair we are committed to helping investors purchase the perfect homes. We offer advice about areas to target and premiums to keep an eye on. Our services see us work all across the capital, including in the City of London where green spaces are very limited and prices for properties close to them can get very high.

Alongside helping people find properties we also offer an array of services to help them get the highest returns. As part of this we offer things like block management, maintenance solutions and marketing too. You can put your property in our hands with complete confidence.