Commuting in London is very common

Commuting in London is very common, with numerous people choosing to live in areas and travel to work. This decision can offer some really big benefits, including allowing people to choose an area to live in that suits their interests, spatial requirements, and amenity needs such as close proximity to good schools. On top of this people can look for areas where their money can go further.

For commuting to be a liable option there needs to be good infrastructure in place so that people can travel. London is highly developed in this regard, offering the Underground, above ground trains, bus services, taxis, roads for cars, and even bicycle routes in a number of areas. There is plenty to choose from to satisfy all kinds of requirements.

An interesting thing with commuting in London is that hotspots change all the time as values in one area increase and others become more affordable. Traditionally people would want to live in Zone Two and Three of the Underground, finding value here whilst still having a short trip to work. The development in the capital has made values in these Zones much higher and people are having to look further out for value. Fortunately the public transport services have improved so commuting is still possible with living further out of the city centre.

Bromley has become one of the most highly regarded areas for commuters over recent years. The South East Borough can offer fantastic value for money. It is an interesting area because it is classed as Zone 5 on the Underground but journey times to reach the centre of the City are still under an hour. This is a big bonus.

On top of this Bromley is well regarded when it comes to schools, making it attractive to families. The suburban nature of the Borough means that population density is lower. In more central Boroughs places for schools can be hard fought but in areas like Bromley it is easier due to smaller demand. This can provide big peace of mind to parents.

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