Parks close to the City of London

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There are many good reasons to move to the City of London. One of the most persuasive however is the borough’s proximity to two of the capital’s most beautiful parks. They are West Ham Park and Queen’s Park. If you are looking for a lovely day out when the sun is around, these are the places to be. It also surprises many people that a part of London that is famous for big office buildings would have such great greenery close by.

West Ham Park

This is one of the largest parks in the capital. Since 1874, the City of London Corporation has owned and preserved it. This park is a registered charity as well. The City of London receives more than £1million annually so that it can manage the 77-acre space. Did we mention that it is a Green Flag award winning space too? The park itself offers a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere and receives 1 million plus visitors every year.

Queen’s Park

Next, we have Queen’s Park. This is a 12-hectare space also managed by the City of London and is another registered charity. It has been open to the public since 1887 and stands as a prime example of an immensely popular city park. There are well-preserved facilities and great surroundings. As a result it perfectly meets the requirements of visitors. Said facilities include a cafe, small zoo, and a children’s playground complete with paddling pool.

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