Westminster Council is looking for bids for a new estate renewal

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Expanding current projects

Currently, Westminster City Council is publicising a design and build contract. The work will allow the creation of a new public square. This is part of the aspiring Pimlico project. It will come in addition to Ebury Bridge estate’s 200 new homes.

The lucky bidder will have another wonderful opportunity as well. They will be able to supply the entire scheme if they meet performance and high quality standards.

The renewal project’s estimated value is close to £350million across every phase. The first phase is worth around £97million. People expect this whole project to set a new standard for rejuvenation in Central London because of the quality.

A follow on from a previous decision

This recent evolution in the project follows the council’s choice to completely regenerate the Ebury Bridge estate. It shall offer as many as 750 top quality homes over the next seven years.

Phase one might begin at the end of 2020. Those in charge are going to demolish four blocks. Then, they are going to deliver an intelligently designed public square and 200 new mixed tenure homes by mid 2023.

The succeeding phases shall then raze the estate blocks that remain. This is going to make way for the remaining new squares and blocks. If all goes well, people will have new homes to choose from in the not too distant future.

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