New roles for former Walthamstow breweries

When it comes to property investment Waltham Forest is an area that has a lot of potential. It is proving to be very popular even though it is outside Central London. Investors choose the area for the lower prices, extra space, and chance for good returns in the future. At Finefair we offer services to help people make the right investments. This includes selecting great properties.

property investment Waltham ForestWalthamstow is currently experiencing something of a revival. Surprisingly, a lot of this is driven by the craft beer boom. A number of quirky industrial premises and derelict railway arches have come back into use as bars and breweries. These offer more amenities for locals and attract a very hipster crowd.


At one time this company was the biggest brewer in the world. In the present, it is opening a new Walthamstow community hub. It shall provide more than craft beer however. You can expect a museum, brewery school, live music, and street food.

The Essex Brewery

At the same time, Walthamstow’s former Essex Brewery became part of a new development. This project includes 158 apartments that have prices starting from £418,000. These properties will be available to new buyers through the Help to Buy scheme. They will be able to get on the market with just a deposit of 5%.


Walthamstow itself is London’s original Borough of Culture. It is no exaggeration to say that it is on a roll. There is a listed cinema that was once a Victorian music hall. The cinema is set to receive a £17million revamp and is one of 15 local art schemes.

There is also Walthamstow Gateway. It is next to the town centre Victoria line tube station. It possesses 79 flats. The prices begin at £420,000 and there are also stamp duty refunds.

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