New council homes to be built on site of former children’s home in Bow

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Transforming a former children’s home

guaranteed rent Tower HamletsThere are plans to build new council homes on the site of a former children’s home in Bow. These 17 new homes will be high quality and are welcomed by the people in the area because they recognise that there is a dire need for more housing.

The Tower Hamlets Council development committee gave planning permission for the site. The project will result in 13 flats as well as 4 town houses, two of which will be wheelchair accessible.

There will be:

  • Two homes with 4 bedrooms
  • Three with 3 bedrooms
  • Five 2 bedroom homes
  • Seven single bed

The housing will benefit residents of the Tower Hamlets borough on the council’s housing register. As a result of the project, the locals will be able to rent the homes at rates which are genuinely affordable.

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets is happy that these properties have the green light. The scheme will help with the aim to deliver 2,000 new council homes by 2022.

Last year, the former children’s home which is located on the junction with Rosebank Gardens had to close its doors. The council says that this building was too old and no longer suitable for acting as accommodation for young people. Now though, work will transform the site into something that will be much more useful.

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