New regulations for affordable housing

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Building the right kind of homes

council leasing Kensington and ChelseaKensington and Chelsea Council chiefs have put new regulations into place that will have an effect on the capital’s wealthiest locales. They state that property developers will have to build fewer millionaire mansions. In their place, they must erect thousands of affordable homes. The Council’s aim is to create 733 new houses every year.

This news comes as figures show that there was a massive shortfall in the amount of affordable homes in these areas. The Council has been unable to meet its target to build new housing over the last few years. As a result the local authority is looking at ways to change this.

The new regulations form part of the latest edition of the Council’s local plan. This is a large document that sets Kensington and Chelsea’s housing policies out all the way to 2028. According to the Council, they have been aiming to introduce these changes since the Grenfell incident. The tragedy highlighted the consequences of neglecting social housing.


Government planning experts said that the council built a mere 397 affordable homes between 2010 and 2016. This is only 20% of all the flats and houses built during that period. A figure like this is far below the target in the old policy. Here, 35% of the homes should have been affordable.

With the new regulations developers will have to step up and supply the 35% affordable housing. This is in any development that is equal to or greater than 650 square meters.

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