New protection for land in Enfield

Enfield is a popular Borough for buyers and renters because of the location, amenities on offer, and the value for money. Big growth in demand means the area desperately needs more new homes though. This puts pressure on land and means a risk to open spaces and facilities such as sports pitches.

The Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS)

Any locals with concerns about losing green spaces and sporting facilities can breathe easier. The local council recently approved proposals to grant protection for these assets. More importantly, they will invest money to improve them as well as exploring the possibility of installing new ones.

Five key sports are the focus of the PPS. They are football, rugby union, tennis, cricket and hockey. The strategy looks at current facilities and how many people are using them. It takes into account the number of people who may take up the sports in the future as well as population growth. That way it is possible to determine which pitches and facilities need improvement and expansion.

The PPS will be part of the new Local Plan. As a result the land will be given the necessary protection to ensure it is not the focus of development proposals.

Making the Borough healthier

The Council hopes the strategy will improve the health of locals. After-all it will preserve sports pitches and look at areas struggling with under-supply where new facilities would be valuable.


Enfield is a hotspot for property investors because it has so much potential for capital growth. Protecting the open spaces and sports pitches may limit opportunities to build new homes, but it preserves important community facilities. This is very important and will benefit landlords. More people will want to live in an area where they have lots of opportunities to be active and enjoy sports.

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