An eye-catching suburban in Greenwich

New Eltham is one of the most interesting suburbs in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The area has a wonderful history, excellent open spaces, and a good mix of other amenities. As a result it is a popular location with a very diverse culture.

A farm suburb

Surprisingly the area was initially a farming suburb of Eltham. Originally it was only a small hamlet but grew into a thriving town with the arrival of the train line in 1870. Houses were built across some of the farmland as the development spread south. Further growth came in the 1970s with improved infrastructure. The town therefore became more popular with commuters.

Plenty to do

One of the things that really make the area stand out is the fact that there are so many things to do. Locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor recreation and sports. There are several large green spaces, perfect for outdoor activities. Most notably there is a running club, rugby and football teams, a cricket club, and two golf courses nearby.

In addition to physical activities there is a local operatic society, good restaurants, and a number of shops to choose from. If that wasn’t enough the train station and bus services provide access to Central London. That means easy trips for other leisure activities.


A major selling point for the area is that homes are more affordable than the average for London. The fact the location is suburban also means there tends to be more space. Buyers and renters really appreciate both of these. In addition there is a good mix of older and newer builds, giving people plenty of choice.

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