A green development in Southall, Ealing

Many developments in the UK suffer from restrictions due to Green Belt land. In numerous cases the space has protection, therefore preventing redevelopment. In some situations though, a proposal gains permission because it preserves the space. A project like this in Southall, Ealing got underway in April this year.

Green Social Housing

The development of Toplocks Depot will create 26 new homes for social rent, improvements in the infrastructure, and simultaneously protect the biodiversity of the site. The land is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). Therefore it couldn’t simply be dug up and redeveloped. The proposal had to be far more conservative.

The part of the project that stands out is that the landscape will get as much protection as possible. This includes professional work to improve the landscaping. In addition to this a number of the new homes will have green roofs and the developer will plant a new orchard. All three of these things will protect and even boost the biodiversity in the area.

New connections

Another interesting part of the project is that there will be new roads as well as pedestrian and cycle routes. A new footbridge will create a connection between the site and the neighbouring Havelock estate. This is an important part of the project as the Mayor of London has committed to improving access to green spaces.


The project could inspire other similar developments. Good design can go a long way to protecting environments whilst allowing the creation of new homes, infrastructure and facilities. Therefore projects can tick all of the right boxes.

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