Another big step in East Croydon’s development

East Croydon is currently enjoying large scale redevelopment. The work is regenerating the local station, the second busiest railway terminal in the UK. It is also transforming land around it and creating new public realm amenities. The investment is worth over £1billion. The area now has some of the most attractive investment properties Croydon has to offer.

One of the largest projects in the area is Morello. The development has 330 luxury contemporary apartments in an ideal location. Residents have great amenities on their doorstep. This includes the train station and new shopping. The homes have been built to a very high standard.

The next phase

The development took a big step forward earlier in April. This is when planning permission for Morello II was granted. The new development will create 445 more homes, including 107 affordable ones. New infrastructure will also be part of the project. A new public bridge, community and business spaces, and open spaces will feature.

The proposal for Morello II has taken over two years to reach this point. The developer, the local council, and other stakeholders have consulted on the project. The expectation is the plan will now provide the best benefits for the area. Significantly, it will boost economic prosperity.

The response to the original Morello development has been very positive. Stakeholders are expecting even more from the next phase because the scale of the project is larger. It also has a good basis to build on from.

Wider development

In total the East Croydon masterplan has secured planning permission for over 4million square feet of space. There are further plans in place too. These include enhancing the railway station and an over-station development.

Not surprising East Croydon has the potential to become a major property hotspot, both for homes and retail/office space. Finefair can offer help and support to any investors looking to get on board. We are a professional team and achieve the very best standards. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect investment properties Croydon has, get in touch with us.