New plans for the Waterloo Estate in Havering

Property management HaveringAt Finefair Ltd we keep an eye out for new plans that will redevelop parts of London. We do this so we can see how the capital is changing and to monitor potential opportunities for investors. As a result, we can ensure our service is up to date. It also means we can adapt if we need to make changes to our business. The aim is to ensure we can stay at the top of our industry. This includes holding the place as one of the top names for property management Havering has to offer.

Waterloo Estate

Last month Havering Council and Wates Residential announced they had submitted plans for a regeneration of the Waterloo Estate. This is the largest plan for council estate regeneration so far in 2020.

In total it will create 1,380 new homes. This will include an impressive 550 affordable ones. The homes will range in size from one to four bedrooms. They will all be high quality, with energy efficiency a vital part of the designs.

The plan for the estate is very impressive. As well as housing it will create new workspaces and technology solutions that will make it easier for people to work from home in the future. More importantly, there will be a village green at the heart of the development as well as other green spaces. This will give the area a stronger community feel.

Impressively the low cost housing for sale is primarily for local residents. This will help to increase the housing stock and allow more people to take a step on to the housing ladder. In turn this will also help to reduce pressure on social housing in the area.

The wider project

The Waterloo Estate regeneration is just one part of a much wider project. In total there are plans for 12 estates across the Borough. The overall goal is to create 3,500 new high quality homes. The scheme will be worth £1billion. It will double both the amount of rental accommodation the council has in the area and the number of affordable houses.

The proposals will be considered within the coming months. If permission is given, the first stage of the work on the Waterloo Estate could begin with phase one creating 370 homes.


The project could be an important one in the recovery from the impact of coronavirus. It will provide opportunities for local businesses, including jobs in things like building, engineering, and even distribution. It will also create strong communities.

Property management in Havering

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