Haringey Council will target empty homes

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Housing troubles

Property management HaringeyThere is high demand for housing all across London. However, some areas have bigger issues and the local councils need to make arrangements to provide temporary accommodation for people. In Haringey, there were 2,933 households in this situation in 2019. Sadly, 2,588 of them had dependent children.

At the same time Haringey Council is struggling to find housing, there are 1,188 empty homes in the Borough. Of these, approximately 1 in every 100 has been uninhabited for 6 months or more. Many of them are properties investors have bought with no intention or living in. Instead they are holding them in the hope of values rising so they can make a profit.

Bringing homes into use

Haringey Council is very unhappy with the situation and recently said they will be doing more to bring more of these homes back into use. Firstly, they are increasing their budget for compulsory purchase orders to £6million. This will provide more funds so they can purchase homes outright and turn them into social housing.

In addition, the council will be we using more Empty Dwelling Management Orders (EDMOs). These allow the local authority to take possession of an empty or abandoned property without consent from the owner. They will be able to look after it for seven years, and can install their chosen tenants. However, the council will not take ownership of the property.

The council has a very tough stance and will be looking to track down the owners of the empty properties. Where they cannot, they may use the EDMOs to take possession.

Property management in Haringey

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