New minimum sizes for bedrooms in HMO properties

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Bedroom sizes

Local councils across the UK are doing more to improve standards in rental properties. This includes a crackdown on illegal HMOs and punishing landlords who allow hazards. From October 1st stricter licensing laws came into force. As a result one and two storey homes with five or more people from multiple households will now need a license.

The most important new law is minimum sizes for bedrooms in HMO properties. A bedroom for a single adult to sleep in will now need to be at least 6.51 square metres. Rooms for two adults cannot be under 10.22 square metres. The floorspace is not including any bathroom facilities such as an en-suite.

Local councils have the power to set higher standards though. For example in Barnet the rule is a bedroom for a single adult must be 10 square metres or larger. Landlords need to ensure they are aware of these sizing requirements. They should check with their local authority if they need information.


The new size requirements will have a big impact on developers. Current plans without planning permission may have to go back to the drawing board. It also means people will have to be more careful when designing new HMOs. They will be unlikely to get consent if the bedrooms are too small.

Finefair works with a number of investors and strives to deliver the best level of service. One thing we do is make sure they don’t run the risk of getting a fine or worse because they don’t meet their obligations. We can check licensing needs and other requirements, including bedroom sizes.

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