Two affordable stations to live near in Barking and Dagenham

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Living close to train stations is important to many people in London. These transport links give them the chance to commute for work, school, and leisure. Commuting also provides the chance to live somewhere property prices and monthly rents are more affordable.

The impressive thing about London is it is huge and home to a lot of stations. There are Tube Lines, Overground services, and DLR stations. Living near some of them is very expensive but others have way more affordable prices. New figures show the most expensive stations in the capital and the cheapest ones.

Cheaper places to live

The figures look at median prices for one bedroom properties as well as salary requirements if people got a 10% deposit mortgage. The cheapest areas are Newbury Park and Redbridge. A salary of £17,400 would be enough to buy a home in these locations.

Two areas on the list of cheapest places are in Barking and Dagenham. The first is Dagenham East (9th on the top ten) with a £27,300 salary requirement. The second location is Heathway. People here need a slightly higher average salary; £28,000.

Most expensive

To put these figures into perspective it is good to look at the most expensive stations to live close to. Not surprisingly popular Central spots have the highest values. Knightsbridge is number one and would require a salary of £248,600. Hyde Park Corner, Bond Street and St. Paul’s also require huge salaries.

It is a good idea to look at different areas with stations if you want to find great prices. These locations also have a great chance of increasing in value in the future because they will always be popular.

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