Bexley is the most affordable Borough for renting

Finefair is confident we offer the very best level of service to investors. We ensure our team understand their needs and deliver the support they require. There are several different services to choose from, including lettings, guaranteed rent and council leasing. In addition we are the top name for estate management Bexley has.


When investors look at an area they generally focus on how much rent they could earn in terms of the investment. This is not the only way to look at it though. It is also a good idea to consider areas where prices are affordable. It is likely they will become popular in the future because people are always looking for places where their money can go further. This is especially true in London.

The recent Landbay rental index ranks London’s Boroughs by average monthly rent. The latest figures show that Bexley is the cheapest Borough with an average rent of £1,022. Other areas with good affordability include Sutton (£1,071), Havering (£1,083) and also Croydon (£1,143). All of these locations are in Outer London.

To put the figures into perspective, the most expensive place to rent is Kensington and Chelsea. The average monthly rent here is an astonishing £3,051. This is almost three times the price in Bexley.


In London affordable areas continue to see some of the highest figures for growth. These locations are very popular with renters because they can choose a home and still save to get on the property ladder in the future. Young professionals in particular choose to live in these areas. With high demand there is plenty to attract investors.

In Bexley the year on year growth in rent prices is an impressive 1.71%. Only one Borough in the capital saw better performance. The City of London had growth of 2.14%. Demand here is very high from wealthy renters who want to be close to the financial centre of the city. The low availability of homes pushes prices up further.

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