More support for building on public land

investment properties Waltham ForestFinefair knows how important it is to find the right property in the best area. This is crucial to ensuring a healthy return. We can help investors, especially if they are looking at the investment properties Waltham Forest has to offer. Our local knowledge is vital and we keep an eye on new projects across the Borough.

One Public Estate

There is a lot of pressure to increase housing supply across England. Sadly this is difficult because there isn’t a huge amount of land available. Lots of space is protected and other sites are difficult to work on. There is also the issue with owners not wanting to develop or not having the funding to do it.

The One Public Estate programme is a way of increasing housing supply. It looks to encourage more development on public sector land. Since 2013 the programme has helped to create 3,000 homes in England. An extra £15million in funding will result in up to 10,000 more.

Waltham Forest

A number of attractive projects across England will receive funds. There are two high profile ones in Waltham Forest. Together they will get £680,000 in funding.

The first project is Whipps Cross Hospital. The 100 year old building is the focus of redevelopment plans. The goal is to create a new state of the art hospital with A&E and maternity departments plus integrated health and care facilities. In addition at least 1,000 new homes could be built.

The second project is a housing development on public land along the Forest Road Corridor. This could add even more new homes to an attractive part of Walthamstow.

These new homes in Waltham Forest could appeal to lots of buyers. The Borough is popular because of its affordable prices. This attracts first time buyers and investors who want their money to go further.

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