Battersea’s 21st century revival

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Block management WandsworthBattersea Village used to be an early rural outpost. It was here where people grew food for the city. Later on, Clapham Junction station opened during the 19th century. During this time, people turned their attention away from the village. Warehouses and factories began to replace cottages. In modern times however, those who visit Battersea Square shall experience the village’s 21st century revival.

New restaurants and cafes have begun popping up near the square. This includes Gordon Ramsay’s London Home, complete with a garden terrace. There’s also the Queenswood, which is more on the causal side. It’s a great choice for cocktails and all-day dining.

Battersea Square’s new homes

New homes are under construction at the streets near Battersea Square. There are property options for first-time buyers as well. They can get a shared-ownership flat over at Diamond Wharf. The prices for these begin at £130,500. When compared to a standard flat in SW11, this is less than a quarter of the price you would need to pay there. As a result it is immensely affordable.

Next, we’ll talk about the narrow Gwynne Road. It’s lined with ex and new local authority blocks. The flats there are high spec and smart. They have underfloor bathroom heating and integrated Neff kitchen appliances. Another alluring feature here is the private balconies because outside space always adds value to properties in London.

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