More council houses are coming to Hounslow

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We could see an additional 1,000 council houses in Hounslow soon. This is possible thanks to a new grant from the Mayor of London. He announced the Building Council Homes for Londoners plan recently. The initiative will see the government present more than £1 billion to authority figures across London. The money is to support the construction of extra houses.

More funding for Hounslow Council

Around £63 million of the government funding has gone to Hounslow Council. This is certain to provide the borough with a boost. In addition, they’ll have more confidence whilst attempting to deliver their housing pledge to construct 5,000 homes by 2022. The 1,000 homes made possible due to the funding will also lower the number of individuals on the housing waiting list.

In total, the funding should allow for the delivery of over 11,000 new homes at social rent levels over the next four years. Furthermore, there shall be 3,570 separate houses. Included here are those for London Living Rent.

The initiative is the first City Hall plan for council house building. It initially set a target for 10,000 homes on launch in May. There has been a massive amount of interest since then. Because of this, there’s been an agreement for 11,154 new council houses.

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