Hayes could see a boost in hotspot potential

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Recent plans could see the hotspot potential of Hayes increase. Developers want to alter Hayes & Harlington Station. Specifically, the aim is to enhance experiences for local commuters. The station is set to become another part of the Crossrail Network so the upgrades would be beneficial.

The Elizabethan line will arrive in late 2019, running from Hayes & Harlington station. There will be shorter journey times into Central London as a result. Because of this, more people will probably use the station. The improvements will support this increase.

Additionally, there’s been a commitment from the Mayor. He wants to expand the train services to the station to ten trains per hour during peak times. This is something else that will likely increase usage.

More than just a makeover

The plan isn’t just for a simple makeover. It is to turn Hayes & Harlington into a new station entirely. In addition, there will be upgrades to the surrounding environments.

The main focus is on improving traffic flows. The prediction is the local roads will be busier when new services are up and running. The work will help to reduce this. Commuters will be able to access the station via bicycle and foot. Furthermore, there will be a ramp that goes from Station road to Blyth road. It shall offer superior disabled access from the Gatefold Building to the station.

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