A guide to Highbury and the property scene

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Within the London Borough of Islington is Highbury. It is a residential area where you can discover some of the most sublime properties in London. This is an active community with open spaces as well as great pieces of history. A good example is the maroon-painted clock tower, erected in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1897.

Throughout the tree lined streets, there are various amazing houses, schools and also transport links for you. Across the village you can find vast green space, community spirit and independent shops. All the while you can enjoy its beauty and the fact that it is quite central.

What Is The Property Scene?

Firstly, you should be aware of the history of this area. Most of the houses you can find were built in the 1850s. There are even a number of tall Italianate villas for the Victorian upper classes.

This is a neighbourhood with varied property because it is attractive to a wide array of groups of people. An example of this is the range in house prices. You can get your hands on a £325,000 one-bedroom flat in Highbury Quadrant. In comparison, there is a £6 million large Victorian semi-detached house in Highbury Crescent next to a green space.

You can find a number of tasteful Georgian houses all the way up to lavish Victorian mansions. This is as well as some more unusual properties. This includes the luxury homes built around the former Arsenal stadium and its grounds. The space is now a communal garden for the houses in Highbury Stadium Square.

There is also the opportunity to move into the old Highbury Vale police station in Blackstock Road. This is being converted into eight flats. One-bedroom homes are at £520,000 with two-bedroom flats at £640,000.


The opportunities in the area make it a popular renting spot for young professionals. This is in addition to the number of families with an interest in period features.

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