Modular homes could add new options to the market

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Some developers are considering modular houses as an option to introduce more housing to the UK market. They are cost effective and offer efficient construction that is far less labour intensive. This can make projects more attractive and create sustainable homes that people will love.

A new provider

Ideal Homes is a recent start-up based in Liverpool. A year ago they opened their first premises so they could produce quality modular homes here in the UK. They recently opened a second production facility to expand their capacity even more. As a result they have the potential to produce 15,000 units a year. This would add to an already innovative and prolific sector of the construction industry.

New units for London’s boroughs

Two other bodies, Apex Airspace and Homes England, struck a deal earlier in 2019. This will allow the construction of several modular houses on top of current properties all over London. Five of the capital’s boroughs will see 78 units on production lines. They will be winched into the air and put on roofs of sustainable structures.

One of these participating boroughs happens to be Sutton. The plan is to introduce the units to Wallington. In time, it might be common to see a variety of modular homes all over the country, both on top of existing buildings and standing alone.

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