The million pound city

There is no doubt that London is continuously growing. A very strong jobs market when compared to other areas of the country, combined with frequent investment within the city, has led to significant growth over the past several years. The growth shows very few signs of slowing down, making the city as attractive as ever to those who are in search of investment properties. The growth is predicted to reach new heights in just over a decade, with London becoming a “million pound city”.

A report by Oxford Economics, a financial forecasting consultancy, found that the average house price in London could surpass £1m before 2030. This is dependent on house prices growing with wages, and represents a doubling of the current average house price in London, which stands at £490,000. This number, of course, is merely an estimate and assumes that house prices will grow alongside wages.

This comes alongside estimations that the economic and employment growth of London will fast outstrip its European competitors, including Frankfurt and Paris. By 2030, it is estimated that over 10 million people will be living in London, with 800,000 more jobs generated. These factors will also drive the aforementioned rise in house prices. Of course, the predicted meteoric growth of London could be subject to a number of factors. In fact, if a favourable enough growth is predicted, there are chances that the city could grow even faster. If the lack of housing is not addressed, then these prices could grow even higher.

Now is the time to put your money into a London investment property. The signs are visible that growth could very well boost house prices, and an investment now could allow you to secure a favourable financial future. By investing in a property and taking the time to transform it into a HMO, you could reap even more rewards and ensure that you are playing your part in helping to alleviate the housing crisis.

At Finefair, we specialise in property and estate management in Ealing and beyond, and we can find the right investment properties for you and your budget. If you are looking to make an investment, we can ensure that you make the best choices, providing you with all the help and advice that you need. London is a smart place to make an investment, so don’t miss out.