Profitable times for accidental landlords

Research shows that 24% of UK landlords entered the property market unintentionally. When asked by The National Landlords Association Survey why they entered the rental sector, 11% of landlords said they acquired their properties through inheritance, 5% obtained an extra property through meeting their partner, a further 5% experienced difficulties when trying to sell their properties, and others had to relocate for work or decided to move abroad and let their UK homes.

Central London has a high number of accidental landlords. The figures show that there are a significant number of people that find themselves as landlords without ever planning to get involved in the rental sector. Entering the rental market for the first time without any experience or industry knowledge is a big step, but every step of the process can be made stress free and simple with the support of skilled market experts. A buy to let property can secure an attractive and steady income. When you become a landlord your line of business is to provide a suitable home for somebody else and it is important that all obligations are met.

We can act as a lettings agent in Croydon and any other area of London, providing comprehensive support for investors, property developers and first time landlords. Our services allow landlords to enjoy successful and trouble free tenancies without any of the responsibility. We take the reins of tenancies and ensure that everything runs smoothly, handling inspections, maintenance, tenant issues and all other subjects.

If you find yourself in possession of an additional property and are unsure of the best step to take you may want to consider entering the ever thriving rental market. Demand for suitable rental accommodation in the capital is high and it is a potentially lucrative time to become a first time landlord. We provide high quality property management and guaranteed rent schemes and we specialise in helping you make the most of your properties, so get in touch.