The world’s most valuable high rise homes

As specialists in investment properties in Enfield and the rest of London, we regularly deal with high value properties. London is home to some of the most valuable high rise residential properties in the world, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive ones in the world are actually worth?

Here are the current top five in ascending order.

5) Meier on Rothschild

The 42 story tower in Tel Aviv has become one of the most valuable addresses in the world with starting prices of £1.5 million for a 3 bedroom apartment in the building. The property combines a stunning location and luxurious amenities in a major modern architectural achievement. If you want to purchase the penthouse of the property, it’ll cost you around £28.5 million.

4) One57

When construction was completed in 2014, this 90 storey skyscraper was the tallest residential building in New York. 432 Park Avenue took this title away, but One57 has the honour of commanding more value. In 2015 one of the penthouses was bought for £67 million. It includes six bedrooms, a spa, cinema and its own library, whilst also offering amazing views of the city.

3) One Hyde Park

London’s contribution to the list is one of the most lucrative addresses in Knightsbridge. It offers fantastic views of the city and is within touching distance of Harrods. Although prices for homes in the buildings are rarely publicised it was revealed in 2014 that one of the penthouses became the most expensive apartment in the world when it was bought for £140 million.

2) Odeon Tower

Monaco is renowned as a playground for the rich. This brand new skyscraper will be tallest in the region and is the first high rise built in over three decades. The penthouse of the tower is the crowning glory. It covers five floors and features its own huge infinity pool, water slide and dance floor. It is valued at £240 million.

1) Antilia Building

This 27 storey skyscraper in Mumbai is different to any other home in the world because it is one single property. It is the pinnacle of luxury and is said to have cost £672 million ($1 billion) to build. It was built at the request of Indian business magnate Mukesh Ambani, one of the world’s richest men. The property is luxury personified with three helipads, six whole floors devoted to a car collection and its own snow room.