Managing Chelsea property to premier standards

With recent research data showing that on average property in the area costs some £10,000 per square metre, it is easy to understand why property investors are keen to own premises in the celebrated London Borough of Chelsea. As the average price for a property in Chelsea – from flats to detached houses – has increased by a staggering 600% on the last 20 years, those who are fortunate enough to own in the area need to take measures to ensure their investment does not lose value. To meet this, Finefair offer the leading and preferred choice of services of property management Chelsea owners can contract to help ensure the value of their investment continues to grow.

The many large blue chip companies and corporations that have made a most welcome home in the capital city are amongst the highest percentage of those who own properties in the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. These are properties that they keep both for the benefit of their senior and executive staff, as well as for use by visiting dignitaries and VIPs. Finefair, with their intrinsic knowledge of the area and their strong relations with the local authorities, offer the most complete and comprehensive management of properties used for this purpose. Our routine, regular and thorough inspection visits – arranged, of course, at times convenient around the schedule of your residents or guests – ensure that not only are all matters or areas of concern detected, but also that we can address them quickly, professionally and efficiently.

For those who have bought premises as an investment, the level of property management Chelsea owners receive from Finefair assists in ensuring they get the maximum return on investment from the minimal level of involvement on their behalf. We can either ensure that a suitable tenant is found for their property or take over the management of the existing tenants you have in place. We cover all elements of the duties and responsibilities of a Landlord, from property inspections and maintenance work through to meeting any needs or queries from tenants and ensuring that rental obligations are met. Although you will be presented with extensive reports on all relating to your property, your time and resources will not be called upon to address any matter.

The professional property management services of Finefair have become the most trusted to use by those in London, with valued clients ranging from the London Boroughs’ Local Authorities through to the biggest of international companies based in the area viewing us as the preferred choice. Our proven track record reflects our commitment to and our success in delivering consistently the highest quality services of property management Chelsea owners can attain and appreciate.