Earn rent efficiently in East London

To say that property prices in London are rising rapidly is perhaps not surprising news, but not everyone goes behind headlines like this to see what the implications are. In the case of London property, year-on-year price increases of between 6.1% and 26.2% mean that an increasing number of people are looking to rent property rather than buy, with a similar level of investors and companies looking to purchase properties purely to lease them. At Finefair, we pride ourselves on delivering the most professional of property management services to ensure both groups in the market get the best, most beneficial arrangement possible.

One of Finefair’s many initiatives across the capital city has been the introduction of the form of guaranteed rent East London properties can deliver the most beneficial results and returns by. When investors buy property in London they do so to generate income, and the return of investment secured by taking up our guaranteed rent system offers the best and most attractive revenue stream.

As the leading choice for property management services in the area – as chosen by both Local Authorities across the major London Boroughs and private property owners – we are in the prime position to offer the leading level of guaranteed rent agreement terms it is possible to find. Finefair offer guaranteed rent which is not based on the property being occupied. This means that, within a few days of entering into an agreement with us, your property shall commence generating the income you aspired to attain without you needing to dedicate time and resources towards finding a suitable tenant. The amount of income you receive is further enhanced by the fact that we charge a 0% (zero) rate of commission, and also do not impose the standard or general sort of management fees you may expect.

This preferential income is enhanced and complemented by the expert property management services brought to your buildings. For the duration of your guaranteed rent agreement with Finefair, we ensure that the property is maintained and upheld to the exact standards it is in at the start of your agreement. We will conduct regular, thorough checks to ensure all is in order, dealing with any matter which may arise. Finefair also ensure all billing, from utility companies to council related matters, are allocated and assigned correctly. Our approach sees you, the property owner, be able to keep your involvement with looking after the property to a minimum whilst enjoying a maximised level of return on your investment.