Maximising property profit returns in South London

The incredible rate at which the value of property in London has appreciated over the last twenty years has seen many view the market as a sustainable, long term area of investment. Whilst making an investment in property in the capital city can only be viewed as an astute move, there is of course a difference between having the remarkable acumen to have done this and in knowing the best way to secure a maximised return on the investment. At Finefair we provide the leading service of guaranteed rent South London properties can generate, presenting owners with a fixed, assured level of return on their property investment.

Guaranteed rental agreements have become quite commonplace across major cities in America over the last ten or so years, with their popularity and benefits being equally embraced by the property market in the UK and across Europe. In uncertain economic times, many are reluctant to commit to a mortgage to buy a property whilst property owners hold concerns over attaining the return on investment they intended from their purchase. Our services bring together these two valid and understandable concerns, creating an amicable relationship with both parties and ensuring each gets the finest and best of attention to needs.

Property owners and landlords are assured by our status as the preferred supplier of the services of guaranteed rent South London Local Authorities and Boroughs have a long-standing relationship with. This preferential status means that we provide to you guaranteed rental income irrespective of occupancy. The stature we have and appreciate means that we can also beneficially avoid charging any rate of commission or standard management fees, further increasing the optimal income you will receive from your entering into a guaranteed rent agreement with us.

In addition to maximising your return on investment through rental, we also minimise the amount of time and resources you need to dedicate to your property. As well as ensuring that suitable tenants are in place and your rental payments run monthly, we take over all matters relating to the property itself. From allocating utility and council bills correctly to undertaking routine, thorough inspections and attending to any maintenance matters, we ensure the integrity and the value of your property is always upheld.

Tenants who move into the properties we manage are equally assured of the ease of professional service. Any tenant that meets our strict criteria for suitability has a strong reference for their future concerns, and they are assured of stability in their residency status with the property they enter into an agreement with us for.