Making sure you have trustworthy tenants

All landlords have a responsibility to provide safe and inhabitable properties. The relationship between landlord and tenant is a mutually beneficial one when both parties fulfil their inherent obligations.

As a landlord you are much more likely to secure a trustworthy tenant if your property is well presented and the necessary safety checks have been carried out. For your own protection, however, it is also very important to conduct a full inspection of your prospective tenants. The time it takes to check details and references gives you peace of mind and can end up saving you from future issues.

Landlords often find themselves struggling for time and skipping a tenant inspection sometimes seems easier. The reality is that some tenants can cause all kind of problems and once they have taken up residency the problems can escalate. The easy way to avoid unsuitable tenants and complex circumstances is to carry out a full screen of applicants or engage professional property management. We have been working with landlords, investors and tenants for over a decade, and we offer full guidance and support with our guaranteed rent and private lettings services. Specialising in property management in Harrow and the rest of London, we can offer a comprehensive range of expert services for you.

We leave no stone unturned when placing tenants, finding dependable and honest individuals that will respect and maintain the condition of your property. Troublesome tenants can cause all kinds of issues for you, from failing to pay the rent on time and making excessive and disruptive noise to participating in illegal activity and causing damage to your property. The last thing you want to deal with is complaints from neighbours, legal problems and expensive repairs and replacements. With our support you can be confident of suitable individuals and trouble free tenancies.

When we receive an application, we verify all details and ensure creditworthiness. We thoroughly check all references and seek out any prior criminal behaviour. We are the preferred choice for all areas of property management throughout Harrow and London. Our service is available for new and established investors and landlords and we pledge to provide you with high calibre tenants and hassle free tenancies.