Which part of London is still showing growth?

Property prices across London fell at the end of 2014, but the London Borough of Bexley bucked the trend and continued to show growing prices and high demand. The area remains popular because it offers a small town atmosphere whilst also putting you close to the centre of London. Welling is one of the most highly sought after areas in the Borough and attracts a really diverse crowd, from young professionals to families to retired people.

The diversity of the people that live in Welling is reflected in the mixture of housing. There are a huge number of good sized 1930s era homes across the area or you can opt for picturesque Victorian properties if you prefer. A number of modern flats are also on offer if you would rather have something new and freshly built.

The small town feel comes from its great location as one of the most easterly of the London Boroughs. Welling was once a stop off for people travelling between Kent and the capital but it developed quickly following the construction of the railway. Following World War One many new properties were constructed and this development has continued to the modern day. With space limited in central London Bexley offers a breath of fresh air with its open spaces.

The small town feeling of Welling is completed by the fact that its high street is so well equipped with shops, pubs and restaurants. Danson Park is also a major attraction and is considered one of the most beautiful open spaces in London. The location also means that central London attractions and the east coast are just short distances away.

If you’re looking to invest in properties this year Welling and the larger Bexley Borough could be the wisest place to put your money. There is high demand and prices are continuing to rise at a time when many sellers are reducing prices before the General Election. If you find a property in the area you like and move quickly you can find a quick return or a long term investment. We can act as your lettings agent in Havering, Bexley and all other London boroughs and are on hand to provide the comprehensive support you need.