Housing stock condition surveys

Councils need to ensure that the housing under their control remains in a good quality for any tenants. They need to be kept abreast of any potential issues, and they also need to keep stock of other information such as energy efficiency of houses within the area.

This is a large scale job, one that requires a lot of work on behalf the council and visitations to a number of properties to ensure that accurate and complete information regarding housing stock condition is provided. The way to do this is via housing stock condition surveys, usually carried out by specialist teams from local councils. However, local boroughs in London and councils across the UK can also trust in our team to perform these surveys.

Councils are under a statutory duty to regularly review housing conditions and ensure that the council housing provided is satisfactory. These surveys are usually carried out every five years to provide a good overview of any work that needs carry out, or as a means of calculating the energy rating of the housing. It may also be used as a means of examining issues within the community, or as a means of noting down any work that needs to be carried out on a large scale. It does not involve properties, but rather a random sample of a couple of thousand properties, comprising of different property types and a variety of locations, to help gain an overall picture of the constant housing situation.

We perform full surveys for a variety of authorities, gathering the statistics that they require. Councils and local authorities can be assured that we have a qualified team ready and available to gather this information and perform the survey. Our survey will allow the respective councils to uncover information regarding the housing stock condition, providing accurate information to assist with reviewing housing strategies and to report any progress made since the last survey. Through our surveys, professionally administered, councils can make sure that they are meeting the requirements for the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 and that areas in need of improvement are clearly identified.

With our surveys performed, the stock condition of the councils portfolio will be fully maintained. Performing surveys across London, our professional team will ensure that fully accurate surveys are carried out for the benefit of our clients. Councils will benefit from the information that we gather and it will help to provide them with a good picture in regards to the condition of their housing stock. We are ready to deal with any issue relating to housing and property investment in Haringey and the rest of London and strive to provide the best for our clients.