Transforming void properties

A void property is one that has been left without any inhabitants, which can occur for a number of reasons. It may be that a tenant has died, that it is a new property waiting to be given to a tenant or even that a property has simply been abandoned without prior warning.

When properties have been left empty, they fall into four categories, depending on the work required: these are five day quick turnarounds, ten day minor void works, twenty day major void works or long term voids. These range from requiring minimal repairs before the property can be re-let to properties facing demolition. When a local authority wants its property restoring to a condition where it can be let, we can help.

We specialise in all aspects of property including management and guaranteed rent in Hammersmith and Fulham and throughout the whole of London. We pride ourselves on being able to turn around these void properties for our clients and ensure that the full void management service is complete up to the actual occupation of the property once again.

We will always work to the required time-scale of our clients, and we are able to complete five day quick turnarounds where possible and generally not excluding seven days, though we do work to ten day minor void works. We can also work on long term voids, using private funding and our expertise in order to restore the property’s condition to something that is inhabitable and so that the local authority does not have to spend money on merely keeping the property. We carry out everything from structural work and rewiring to flooring and exterior decorating. When we work in the property, you can be assured that it will be fully restored to the highest standards.

As can be expected from our team, we can also offer our professional property management services following the restoration of the property. We can offer long term housing management, providing the local authority with an array of services to ensure that it is making money for them and to keep it under our watchful eye and without our expansive portfolio. This makes our company the one stop shop for whenever public authorities need to have their void properties fully taken care of to ensure that they aren’t losing the authority any money and to create more housing where it is needed the most.

We can fully transform any void properties into usable abodes, no matter what condition they are in. Offering all of the services that you could possibly require beneath a single roof, we are the one-stop property service you can rely on. No matter what your requirements, you can always be assured that we will turn any void property into one that will make the perfect home.