Making the most of the rental market

The UK private rental sector is thriving, and significant contributors are the changing sentiments and attitudes towards property purchase. Many people are now adopting different lifestyles and are reluctant to make that substantial investment.

It has been suggested that the private rental sector could provide the comprehensive solution to the nation’s housing problems. It is emerging as an important industry that is fully expected to experience even more growth, and some independent projections have revealed that the sector could possibly account for 30% of the housing stock by the end of the current decade.

The Help to Buy scheme has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the buyers’ market but the truth is that the construction of new homes is very low in the UK at the present time. The financial difficulty facing first time buyers and shortage of available properties ensures the continual rise in the demand for rental accommodation. Mortgages are constrained and becoming less affordable as salaries simultaneously fall. It is of course an opportune time to enter the world of property investment or expand existing portfolios.

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