Handling complaints from tenants

If you own a rental property, at some time or another you may have to deal with complaints from tenants. As a property owner you need to be able to understand how to deal with them effectively and efficiently.

Failure to address tenant’s complaints could mean that they move out, leaving you with a vacant property and no income. In some cases, it may also lead to legal problems.

Complaints may be about a range of issues, including repairs, noise, parking issues, or the behaviour of other tenants. If you can do something about it, it’s vital that you rectify the issue quickly. All complaints and solutions need to be documented. It helps to have some sort of tracking system that will allow you to keep up with complaints as they happen, especially if you own multiple properties, or a block or HMO rather than just one household. These records will keep note of dates, times, as well as any notes you have regarding the situations, and could prove useful in the case of a potential legal dispute in the future.

One of the first steps that you should take to ensure complaints are dealt with in the best possible manner is to establish a route of good communication with your tenants from the start. Introduce yourself and get to know them slightly, letting them know that you’re available whenever they need your presence and assistance.

Handling complaints, emergency repairs and call outs are part of the package of being a landlord. How you approach these complaints and issues can make all of the difference as it contributes to a good relationship between yourself and your tenant, as well as the potential success of your business.

As an alternative, you can enlist the services of a professional property management company. We specialise in property management in Croydon and throughout the whole of London, and can provide a full and complete management service which includes handling complaints from tenants.