Make a regular income from your property

A property portfolio can be a great asset, particularly if you have made a property investment in the City of Westminster, Islington, Kensington or any other of the most sought after London areas. With prices rising, these investments are likely to make big financial rewards for you in the future. However, if you are holding onto the property for the time being, there are alternative ways to make money from it until you are ready to sell it on.

For example, your property investment could be let out to private tenants. By letting out one or several of your properties, you can receive a constant income that will allow you to upgrade your properties or even add more to your portfolio. Letting out your property privately will certainly allow you to retain some degree of financial security.

As the premier lettings agent in London, working closely with a whole host of businesses and landlords, we can help to source potential tenants for your property. We work with overseas companies or companies hiring from overseas, looking to work in areas of the UK such as London and Birmingham. If you have a property in a prime location in any city across the UK, then we can swiftly let out your property for a company looking at relocating their workers, whether temporarily or permanently. Providing a professional and thorough relocation service, we will ensure that the worker is quickly and comfortably placed into your property, ensuring that the move is as easy as possible for all parties involved.

You can be assured of a fully comprehensive service when you turn to us. We will take care of everything from relocating the tenant to collecting the rent, and even providing you with guaranteed rental payments if required. All of your tenants needs will be fully catered for by our team, with our 24 hour helpline available for them to use, and we will also provide property inspections to ensure that your investment is kept in excellent condition.

If you need to make more money from your portfolio for the New Year, then you should seriously consider letting out your property to a private client. We offer negotiable rates and a fully comprehensive and professional service for your property investment in the City of Westminster and throughout the UK.