Refurbishing properties to optimise profits

It is safe to say that the UK has a growing army of landlords, and the buy to let market is undoubtedly bigger business than ever. The truth is when you become a buy to let investor, it is a world away from simply owning your own home. You technically become a small business owner, and your aim is to naturally boost your profits as much as possible.

An increasing number of landlords and investors are discovering the rewards offered by property refurbishment. Put simply, the process involves the purchase of properties and undertaking extensive conversion and refurbishment projects in order to increase the overall value and potential for returns. By drastically improving the quality of a rented property or increasing the available accommodation, you can obviously attract high calibre tenants, house a greater number and improve your annual rental yield.

The trend of HMO investing has rapidly evolved and has led to the increasing popularity of refurbishing properties for the purposes of letting. Research has highlighted the fact that refurbishment not only contributes to an increase in value but successfully entices the high quality and trustworthy individuals that landlords are looking for.

Locating a suitable tenant that will regularly pay their rent and take care of properties is always a concern for landlords, but making sure your property is in optimal condition is one of the most successful ways of attracting the tenants you want. Tenants do not want to be moving constantly so it is prudent to offer them suitable housing that they can turn into homes and guarantee you longer, trouble free tenancies.

When you are clear on the particular calibre of tenant you wish to secure, it is important to consider the kind of properties you wish to present and make sure that the transformed homes will appeal to the right people. When people find the property they have been searching for, they are highly likely to make an immediate application. This allows you to quickly and efficiently complete the process and start earning a substantial income.

Whether you have refurbished an existing home or you have transformed a building into a HMO property we can help you. We offer full property and estate management in Enfield and throughout the rest of London, covering every aspect including inspections, repairs and maintenance. We can offer you beneficial advice regarding HMO transformation and the ways you can obtain maximum returns on your investments.