Many London residents prefer rental properties

Research by independent property consultants has highlighted the fact that a third of London tenants prefer to rent, as the circumstances suit their lifestyle and they simply do not want a mortgage. Studies of the property market show how important the private rented sector has become, and that most private tenants view their situation as long term.

This is in huge contrast to just a few years ago when private renting was primarily a temporary solution for many in the City of London and the rest of the capital. Additionally, over half of tenants are happy to pay slightly increased rental amounts for the benefit of off street parking. The fact that such a substantial portion of London residents are opting to rent rather than buy has led to a higher demand for suitable rented properties at affordable prices. As a result, landlords and investors are in a position to benefit from their available properties and make fantastic returns on their investments.

We offer a comprehensive lettings service that concentrates on every aspect, from property management to council leasing in the City of London and beyond. When you entrust the management of your property to us, we handle everything. We locate an appropriate tenant, carry out routine inspections, collect rental payments and deal with damage and disputes. We efficiently handle all aspects of administration leaving you to enjoy a stress free experience and your uninterrupted guaranteed rent payments each and every month.

When tenants take up residence or vacate, we oversee each move and manage renewals. We ensure that you have no concerns at any time, as our property management keeps your property fully maintained and our service and assistance is available 365 days a year. We operate a direct line should tenants need us, ensuring you never need to have contact or dialogue with them. Our inspections are carried out by qualified and respected inspectors, and you can always be confident that your investment is in fine hands. You are welcome at any time to call in your own inspector should you wish for additional peace of mind.

Our private lettings service is second to none and structured with your every need in mind. Every landlord and tenant is a valued asset and our entire operation is designed to deliver the highest standard of services. We welcome all contact and enquiries and will readily discuss your every property need, from guaranteed rent to council leasing in the City of London and the rest of the capital.