Our extensive pre-auction service

One of the current problems with the property market in Camden and the rest of London is the demand far outweighing the supply of properties. As a result, auctions are becoming a popular choice for those looking to snatch up the properties that are left on the market. Auctions offer investors the chance to obtain cheap properties with the potential to make a sizeable profit, and can also help people to secure properties in prestigious locations which may otherwise not be available for sale on the market. If you’re looking at an auction to help snatch up your ideal investment property, then consider contacting our team prior to the auction.

When you’re planning ahead for a property at an auction, we can offer you our guaranteed rent deal. Before you even purchase your chosen property, we can offer you a ten year guaranteed rent lease which will certainly provide a boost to your potential profits long before you invest any money into the property itself. With us on your side prior to the auction, you will have an idea of your returns and your new property will be professionally looked after with our property and block management service.

Before your property is even bought, you can be assured of the multitude of benefits that our services provide. Firstly, as we act prior the auction, you don’t have to worry about taking a risk and potentially buying a property without the prospect of returns: we guarantee income from the property, regardless of the form that it takes. You can also be sure that we will provide you with the highest possible guaranteed rent, thus maximising your income.

As the official auction partner for guaranteed rent, as well as the leading providers of block management in Camden and beyond, you can be absolutely certain of receiving excellent services from us. We provide you the security of guaranteed rent so that you will always receive your payments. You will take no risks, but you will reap the rewards as long as you turn to us prior to buying a property at auction.