Our portfolio services

Having a portfolio of properties, especially in sought after areas of London like the City of Westminster, can be a dream come true. With the right properties, the value of your portfolio will have certainly and substantially increased, especially with the current housing market boom.

Obviously, investors need the right services and professional help and advice in order to further solidify their portfolio as one that is of high value and that is relatively risk-free. This is where we can help. We provide a myriad of portfolio services to make your life simpler, including full property management and guaranteed rent, and we also scout out the best properties in which to invest to help your portfolio grow substantially.

Poor management of properties may see them lose their value over time. This can be especially true with those who have larger portfolios, which makes it more difficult to give every property the thorough attention it needs. You may be reluctant about choosing an outside company to manage your portfolio, especially if you have independent objectives and goals. However, we have many years of experience and the resources to easily manage any portfolio of any size, so when you come to us for property management and guaranteed rent in the City of Westminster or any other part of the capital, you will have no concerns.

We offer fully comprehensive portfolio and property management in London. We offer our specialist guaranteed rent service for each property and ensure that you will not have to pay your bills while we take care of everyday management and tenancy arrangements. With this service, there’ll be no void periods, you’ll receive one rent payment on time every month and you won’t be charged any commission or management fees across the term of the lease. On top of this, you will receive your own dedicated account manager to provide help and assistance where required.

We also offer review and growth services. Our growth service is based on finding the right property and increasing its value. Once leased to us, we will ensure that it makes you the highest possible profit. We also offer an extensive review service to help identify the strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio. We will work alongside you, identify new investment opportunities and explore ways in which you can boost the value of your existing investment. Our review is free and holds no obligations as well, making it excellent value for money.

As the official guaranteed rent agent of the capital, as well as specialists in portfolio and property management in London, all of our services come highly lauded. When you put your portfolio in our hands, you can be assured that you are trusting in the experts.