London leads Europe’s most dynamic cities

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It was recently revealed in an index ranking that London is the leading city in a group that is collectively being referred to as Europe’s top 5 dynamic cities. Also included in this faction are Berlin, Cambridge, Amsterdam, and Paris.

The Dynamic Cities index focuses attention on those European settlements that possess sound fundamentals, such as wealth and population trends, technology, and economic expansion. They are all in an excellent position to take advantage of urbanisation and similar developments like technological changes and the knowledge economy.

The report established that London’s top spot on the index is thanks to its mixture of industries that are knowledge-based, its diversified workforce, infrastructure investments, and population growth forecasts. It’s also predicted that it will retain this rank in the future.

Besides being the overall top ranked city, London also leads in four of the index’s six categories. The city’s robust human capital is projected to continue in its evolution, reinforced by initiatives that include the London Infrastructure Plan 2050. This consists of an ambitious £1 trillion investment that covers basic services, transport and housing. This would make the capital an ideal spot for the investment in and managing of properties.

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