A location with many unique selling points

Regent’s Park is a major landmark that adds a lot of value to homes in the area. The properties are iconic, particularly those with Regency stucco finishes. If you are considering property investment Camden has plenty of great options, but those streets close to the park are highly rated.

Surprisingly Regent’s Park is Grade I Listed, holding a place on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. It was granted this status to preserve the history and ensure that development did not threaten the landmark.

The 410 acres of land was once owned by Barking Abbey. When the monasteries were dissolved during the reign of Henry VIII the monarchy appropriated it. As a result it became a private hunting ground. In the mid 17th century Oliver Cromwell looked to raise money from the land by splitting it up into small holdings for agriculture. As part of this a number of trees were removed.

The leases for the holdings expired in 1811 and the use of the land was re-imagined. At the request of the Prince Regent, who went on to become King George IV, John Nash created a new masterplan. The plan has the honour of being one of the first examples of a garden suburb. Sadly it was not fully completed but much of work shaped the area we know today.

Initially Nash’s masterplan was to create a series of detached villas in the park and a palace. These plans were dropped though and the only homes built were the terraces around the edges. Surprisingly many of these are the most highly regarded properties today.

Nowadays there are many things to do in Regent’s Park and the surrounding area, including some of the most popular tourist hotspots. The location is also home to a number of specialist schools, such as the Royal College of Physicians and Royal Academy of Music.

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