The rules and regulations of subletting

Ours is a company that commits itself to working alongside clients so that we can secure the best results for them. Having been in business for over a decade, we have been called on to manage a portfolio that is valued at around £500 million for investors and landlords. As part of this we have become a lettings agent City of Westminster based clients and those targeting the area can rely on.

This Borough is full of potential for letting agents who are looking to rent out properties to tenants. There are certain rules that surround renting that landlords must be aware of however and the rights to sublet are some of them.

There are a number of tenants that directly rent from the landlord who owns the premises. Something else that’s possible however is that you can rent from another tenant that has rented the building from its owner. This is referred to as subletting. The majority of individuals require permission from the landlord before they can sublet thought.

Both flexible and secure tenants possess a legal right to sublet one section of their accommodation as long as written permission is given. If this is carried out without asking it would be a breach of the tenancy agreement. Landlords are unable to unreasonably withhold consent to an appeal to sublet a portion of the home. Furthermore, conditions cannot be coupled to the sublet if it’s approved.

If landlords are to refuse the subletting request the reasons must be provided. Another thing to remember is that tenants are unable to sublet the entire home lawfully. If they do, their status as a secure tenant shall be revoked and the landlord can evict them.

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