Property Company Bexley

At Finefair we are passionate about helping people to find the right home and helping investors and landlords to manage their portfolios as effectively as possible. We’ve been working with every kind of London property for over a decade and have evolved into one of the most highly regarded property management companies in the city. read more.

Council Leasing Bexley

If you want to lease your property without having to invest all your time and deal with all the attendant responsibilities, you could consider handing over the control of the property to local housing authorities. This is one of our specialist areas of knowledge as we have regularly worked with local councils throughout the lifespan of the company. read more.

Estate Management Bexley

You can be certain your entire estate is in very good hands when we are managing it for you. Whether you need a company who can manage your entire portfolio or just need us to take on some aspects of the work while you do the rest, our specialist team will not let you down. read more.

Guaranteed Rent Bexley

Our guaranteed rent scheme offers so many benefits for property owners. All kinds of property are covered by the scheme. You’ll have the security of a rent payment arriving in your account on the same day every month. Regular inspections ensure the property is well maintained, and if any damage does happen, we’ll cover the cost of repairs. read more.

Property Management Bexley

We know that every property investor has a unique portfolio that requires a fresh approach to management, and at Finefair that is exactly what we provide for you. We are attentive to every detail to ensure that we can continue to provide the most outstanding bespoke property management services available in London. read more.

Lettings Agent Bexley

Rental properties can be a lucrative source of income. If you possess a single house or flat, or a wide selection of different properties, we will support you in your goal of finding suitable tenants. We do this through a winning combination of expert marketing, support, management and communication, covering all your requirements. read more.

Lettings Bexley

We always strive to provide tenants, landlords and investors with a truly personal service, bringing together the right tenants with the right properties to create strong working relationships. With guaranteed rent and full management available, we make your life as a landlord easy. Let us handle your interests in lettings and increase your chances of success. read more.

Investment Property Bexley

If you have the resources available to invest in properties, you can enjoy very lucrative rewards, but good management and planning is crucial for this to happen. We provide expert help and guidance to investors, getting them on the right track towards successful and profitable property investing with a variety of different services. read more.

Block Management Bexley

Block management can be complex and time consuming but we make full use of technology as well as our extensive experience in the business. You can access information about your properties at any time, so you will never be left in any doubt that all the necessary work is being completed to the highest standard. read more.