Landscape-led development for the City of Westminster

Westminster City Council revealed their largest ever regeneration project in the summer of 2017. The plan will see nine sites near Marylebone redeveloped to create up to 1,750 new homes and increase the number of open public spaces by 40%. Unlike many projects, this one has a landscape-led approach that aims to improve the wellbeing of residents.

The central part of the plan is to connect nine different redevelopment sites by creating squares, gardens and play areas. This will result in a greener neighbourhood and streets that are better for walking and cycling. The plans even call for the properties to have green roofs, making them even more eco-friendly.

The plan was approved by the Council’s cabinet at the start of December. It is expected the work will take between 15-20 years, but once finished it would completely transform this part of Westminster.

The project is a great indication that there is a much bigger appetite for urban developments that are led by landscape designs. There are a wide array of benefits from making this the focus, including improving the public realm, making areas more attractive to businesses, and boosting the wellbeing of residents. It also means that areas don’t become more and more built up, losing greenery and harming the environment.

The work will be one of the most interesting examples of property investment City of Westminster residents have ever seen. It follows the local community’s calls for improvements for the area and more open spaces. The end result could be healthier streets and a brand new cultural quarter. The plan also calls for improvements to the market, providing space for 220 stalls.

The project will also provide economic benefits for Westminster. It is expected it could create more than 4,000 jobs, most notably in building and landscaping.

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