Community is very important in Croydon

Croydon has enjoyed a huge transformation in recent years. The area has become a regeneration hotspot, resulting in improvements in the property, commercial, and cultural sectors. This has helped transform opinions towards the area. Commuters love the new housing, lower prices than in Central London, and the transport links. Other residents appreciate the community feel and how this continues to improve.

East Croydon Station is a wonderful example of how the area has improved. The site was formerly surrounded by derelict Brownfield land that was prime for redevelopment. Developers came in and took advantage of the ideal location close to a busy station. They created lots of new luxury apartments such as the ones at Vita Ruskin Square. The building has become a landmark, one of the first things people see when they step outside the station.

The great thing about living in Croydon is there are so many wonderful amenities on offer. The area is becoming a shopping hotspot, benefitting from the number of locals who are passionate about supporting local businesses. The restaurant scene in particular is impressive, offering residents and visitors a number of dining out options.

The community feel in the area is a really impressive selling point. It is special because residents regularly choose to spend their free time in the local area rather than taking the rather short train ride into Central London. This is good for the area because it means local businesses thrive and more are encouraged to set up here.

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